About Dr. Harrington

In the book, Tech Trending, Dr. Harrington was referred to as "the quintessential tech trender." The New York Times referred to him as having a "…knack for synthesis and an open mind about packaging his knowledge and experience in new ways -characteristics that may matter more as prerequisites for new-economy success than technical wizardry…"

Present Responsibilities:

Dr. H. James Harrington now serves as the Chairman of the Board for the Harrington Institute. He also serves as President of the Walter L. Hurd Foundation. He also serves as the Chairman of the Board for a number of businesses and as the U.S. Chairman of Chair on Technologies for Project Management at the University of Quebec in Montreal. He also serves as the Chairman for the Advisory Board for the e-TQM College in Dubai.

Dr. Harrington is recognized as one of the world leaders in applying performance improvement methodologies to business processes. Dr. Harrington writes regular columns for the Quality Digest Magazine.

Previous Experience:

In February 2002, Dr. Harrington retired as the COO of Systemcorp A.L.G., the leading supplier of Knowledge Management and Project Management Software solutions. Prior to this, Dr. Harrington had joined Ernst & Young (E&Y) when they acquired his company, Harrington, Hurd, & Rieker (1989). For the next ten years he served as a Principal and one of the leaders in the Process Innovation Group at Ernst & Young.

Prior to starting HH&R, Dr. Harrington was with IBM for over 30 years as a Senior Engineer and Project Manager. During his time with IBM, he gained a wealth of practical experience in serving in Executive Management positions in manufacturing, test engineering, product engineering, reliability engineering, and quality assurance.

Dr. Harrington is past Chairman and past President of the prestigious International Academy for Quality and of the American Society for Quality Control. He is also an active member of the Global Knowledge Economics Council. He is the president of the Walter L. Hurd Foundation.

He served for ten years as an A-level member of ISO TC176 (the technical committee responsible for writing the ISO 9000 series) and TC 207 (the technical committee responsible for writing ISO 14000 environmental standards).


Dr. Harrington is a government-registered Quality Engineer, a Certified Quality and Reliability Engineer by the American Society for Quality Control, and a Certified Professional Manager. Dr. Harrington has an MBA and Ph.D. in Engineering Management and a BS in Electrical Engineering.

The Harrington/Ishikawa Medal presented yearly by the Asian-Pacific Quality Organization was named after Dr. Harrington to recognize his many contributions to the region. In 1997, the Quebec Society for Qualite named their Quality Award "The Harrington/Neron Medal" honoring Dr. Harrington for his many contributions to the Quality Movement in Canada. In 2000 the Sri Lanka national quality award was named after him.

Dr. Harrington's contributions to performance improvement around the world have brought him many honors. He was appointed the honorary advisor to the China Quality Control Association, and was elected to the Singapore Productivity Hall of Fame in 1990. He has been named lifetime honorary President of the Asia-Pacific Quality Control Organization and honorary Director of the Association Chilean de Control de Calidad.

Dr. Harrington has received many awards including the prestigious Edwards Medal and China's Magnolia Award.

Dr. Harrington has been elected a Fellow of the British Quality Control Organization and the American Society for Quality Control. He was also elected an honorary member of the quality societies in Taiwan, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, and Singapore. He is also listed in the "Who's-Who Worldwide" and "Men of Distinction Worldwide." He has presented hundreds of papers on performance improvement and organizational management structure at the local, state, national, and international levels.

Dr. Harrington is a very prolific author, publishing hundreds of technical reports and magazine articles. He has authored over 35 books and 10 software packages.